Recruitment & Selection

AXXAZ has specialists in a large number of branches and an extensive network.

Temporary employment & Secondment

AXXAZ provides employees to clients. AXXAZ Europe GmbH is the ideal employer for excellent and skilled workers.


In the case of payrolling, a client of AXXAZ’ prefers to recruit and select themselves.

Salary Administration

The starting point of our salary administration lies in the individual employment contract of the employee concerned.

“We mediate professionals globally
and long term to our customers.”

At AXXAZ, a positive and result-oriented approach is the basis for an optimal relationship between employer and employee. AXXAZ puts the individual – with their cultural background, individuality, competencies and personal situation – first.

AXXAZ operates at local, national, European and global levels.

AXXAZ has grown from a local player to a European player and from there into a global player. We continue to provide local staff to local customers. The lack of skilled workers in Europe has taught us to recruit outside the EU’s borders. We now have agencies in Australia, Canada, Egypt, Gaza, Philippines, Jordan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia. Our global network is steadily expanding. We now also supply employees outside of the EU.

The core values of AXXAZ are:

  • personal and correct approach & integrity
  • professionalism & customer orientation
  • customer-focused & performance-oriented
  • flexibility & innovation
  • transparency & clarity
  • respect & social responsibility
  • fair wages & rates